Media trainingWhy do you need Media training?

When your company or organisation is in the public eye, you’re often asked to appear on TV, radio or offer a sound-bite to local newspapers. Although this is a fantastic opportunity it’s often a very daunting experience.

In the past we’ve known directors of large companies freeze up when they’ve had a microphone raised to their mouth or a camera pointed in their direction. It’s a form of stage fright which can be easily overcome if you know exactly how to present yourself in these circumstances.

Why are we qualified to help?

Our team of journalists, producers and media consultants have had many years experience working on live radio a TV shows.  And have the knowledge and experience to deliver a bespoke media training package that gets the right results for your company.

We have our own fully functional professional radio studio including both on and off-site video recording services. Plus, our training covers all sectors of the media from radio, TV, online and newspaper feedback.

What can I expect from your Media training courses?

Our media training courses are a fun packed day that we guarantee you will thoroughly enjoy. The courses aim to prepare you with the knowledge and skills you need to stay calm under pressure whilst still getting across your key messages. We offer practical tips on carrying out face-to-face and telephone interviews with newspapers, magazines, online, radio and TV journalists.

Our media training ensures you get your points across, deliver memorable quotes and minimise any risk of being misquoted by the said journalist.

How long are the Media training courses?

A basic course usually lasts half-a-day but our full courses run for a full day.

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