Music on holdMusic on hold

Music on hold is a great way of keeping your callers attention when you place them on hold. Hold music also conveys a professional image to callers holding the line.

What is Music on hold?

Music on hold is basically that, listening to a piece of music whenever you’re placed on hold by a company you’ve contacted. If this is done correctly, the music should be reassuring, easy on the ear and a joy to listen to.

Why is it important to use Music on hold?

Research shows that callers listening to either music or messages on-hold feel much more comfortable than listening to silence (where they think they’ve been cut off) or high pitched tones. This is mainly because callers feel there is a professional communication with them whilst their call is being processed.

How will Music on hold work on my telephone?

If you have a telephone system, most modern telephone systems have an external feature where you can connect either a “CD player” or “digital equipment” which will play music whenever a call is placed on hold. However, if you run your business from home and only have one or two phones then we can recommend an adapter to fit to your existing phone/s. This will then enable you to place callers on hold so they can listen to your music.

Can I preview some hold music?

Hold music samplerYes, just click the image on the right, it will take you to our hold music page where you’ll be able to preview the songs we sell.

The tracks on this page have been carefully selected from a broad range of music genres to offer you a good selection of styles and tempos. It’s also worth mentioning that the music is copyright free hold music, meaning you won’t pay any commercial PRS fees.

What equipment is available?

Our on hold systems are purpose built to commercially play music all day long. Unlike a CD player our digital equipment has no moving parts so is less likely to stop playing. Plus, if you have a power failure the digital equipment starts playing as soon as power is returned – something CD players will not do. Alternatively, if you already have a CD player we can supply the audio on a CD or in any audio format for you to upload onto your telephone system.

How much does it cost? should I rent or buy?

The cost really comes down to what you prefer. We can obviously rent our equipment for a low monthly fee or you can purchase a selection of music tracks that we can either post out on a CD or email over to you.

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