On hold systemsOn hold systems

The on hold marketing systems that we use are all digital playback units, commercially designed for the music and message on hold industry. Unlike a CD player the on hold music player is completely digital, meaning if there’s a power-cut the unit will automatically start playing once power is restored.

Plus, because the music on hold player has no moving parts it’s highly unlikely the equipment will ever stop playing.

Can I install the equipment myself?

Only if you already have your telephone system configured to play external music on hold. You’ll know if this is a possibility if you already have a CD player or something connected to your telephone system. If your telephone system plays tones, internal hold music or silence you will probably need your telephone system programming to play the external messages. Normally, your telephone engineer would be able to carry out this procedure for a standard set up cost.

Tip* If your telephone engineer is carrying out any maintenance work on your telephone system, ask them to programme your telephone system to play external music the day they’re at your business. Hopefully, this will save you any additional costs later down the line.

How do the messages play on the equipment?

The loading of new audio is easily achieved, if you’re using one of our MP3 units you just drag and drop the MP3 file(s) from a computer to the USB flash drive that we supply free of charge.
Alternatively, if you’re using one of our smart media card’s you just take out the old card and replace with the new one. Once the media is installed, the messages should start playing almost momentarily. The messages then play on a continuous loop.

Can you store other messages on the equipment?

Yes, the equipment includes on-board (internal) flash memory that can store a particular track for a specific event or special promotion. Then, when your event comes around, a press of a button will change the message over and even back to the previous message after the event is finished.

What is the sound quality like?

The sound quality is completely digital so you can be assured that the sound your callers hear is crystal clear. However, the unit has its own volume and tone control if you feel the sound needs adjusting.

How big are the on hold systems?

As you can see from the image above, the units are no bigger than the span of your hand, they weigh less than 3lbs, can easily be fitted against a wall or just sit on a flat surface. Plus, because they have no moving parts they don’t make any noise and are very easy to keep clean.

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