PR consultancyPodcast Production

If you send out regular newsletters, have new products to promote or just want to relay vital information about your organisation. A podcast production is a great way of speaking to your audience on a very personal level. The podcast can be entertaining, informative but above all very useful as you can explain things far more easier than you can with text. Plus, if you choose to speak on the podcast yourself, your subscribers will build a fond relationship with you as the presenter.

Broadcast PR – Radio & Video Promotion

Broadcast PR is great way of launching a new product, website or service. We can target specific broadcast networks from the BBC to commercial stations. We’ll deal direct with interested parties arranging interviews and discussing the news items in question, all you need to do is be available to discuss.

Plus, as an added bonus we can even put together some online video footage, this can then be used on your own website and we could promote it to a variety of press outlets from magazines, lifestyle websites and search engines.

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