Social media servicesWhy use Social media services?

The simplest answer is…

Facebook has around 600 million users, Twitter roughly 200 million and YouTube has become the second largest search engine in the world.

Millions upon millions of people use social media to communicate with friends and colleagues every day. They do this to recommend products to each other, ask questions, research services and much more. By embracing social media businesses open themselves up to a world of new opportunities and potential new customers.

So, the question is not when are you going to use social media, but why are you not using social media.

What Social media services will suit my business?

To put your mind at rest, we don’t offer basic or top end packages. Personally, we don’t feel these ever work. We offer all our customers the same level of service throughout. The only difference is how much time you want us to devote to your campaigns each month.

Once we’ve done a full review of your social media services we’ll put together a campaign based on what we feel you require. You can then decide how much time a month you’d like us to devote to your campaign.

Can you do it yourself?

Yes and no, yes if you have the time available  each month to keep up-to-date with current social media changes – but no if you expect results for a limited input each month. The successful use of social media requires a time sensitive blend of marketing disciplines, ranging from technical ability, creativity and real-time analysis of everything you do.
Plus, because social media is effectively publishing you have to be publicly aware about everything you post.

What’s the next step?

After a thorough discussion and review about your current social media services we will put together a package that reflects what we feel your business needs each month. Depending on your budget you can then add to or take away the time we’ve allotted for your campaign each month.

Listed below is how we normally implement a campaign.


Discuss and review your Social media strategy – How you wish to target your audience, review the implementation, reputation management, tool selection, measurement and analysis.


Create your Social media platforms – set up social profiles (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube etc) and implement social application development.

We then provide on-going Social media monitoring which includes buzz monitoring, analysis with full use of industry leading tools etc.

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