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If you own a shop or run a shopping centre, in-store radio has become a great way of keeping your shoppers informed and entertained whilst they take a look around your store. Plus, research shows that shop radio actually puts your shoppers in the mood to buy.

What is Retail Radio?

If you’ve ever walked around a supermarket or shopping centre and heard product or store information interspersed with music then this is what’s known as In Store Radio. Better known as store radio ads they all consciously make us aware of the stores offers and if done right, the music and messages should be clear and easy to understand. Normally, the messages include details about the store you’re in and what products are on offer.

So, why would I use Retail Radio?

If you run a small retail shop or even a shopping centre,  retail radio is a great way of promoting all your special offers and services throughout the year. The messages we record are designed to get your consumers attention with information about shop discounts, opening times and much more.  Also, if you’re looking to have music in your store take a look at the video below which includes a variety of random shoppers talking about how music puts them in the mood to buy and stay longer in the store.

What equipment would I require for Retail Radio?

We provide digital playout equipment that plays your messages. Once the messages have been installed everything plays on a continuous loop, or we can provide a more sophisticated system that plays both music and adverts/messages at a particular time of the day.

This equipment is similar to what is used in a variety of radio stations, new audio can be easily downloaded via a USB stick or via a broadband connection.

Can I play music as well?

Yes, you can have the system either with or without music and even choose the (style of music) that you’d like to listen to. However, if you play commercial music please be aware that chart music requires a PRS licence, full details about aquiring this licence can be found here.

What are my options?

It would be good to know what you’d like to achieve with your in store radio. For instance, do you want to play messages only? music only? music and messages? Or, do you want something a bit more bespoke like your own radio station with presenters? This is something to think about that we’re very happy to discuss with you.

Please feel free to take a listen to some of our previous in-store radio advertisements listed below. Please note, to view the player you will require a minimum of Flash Player 9 or newer installed and JavaScript enabled.

Do you have any more questions? Then why not drop us a line, on 01978 755 708 or fill out the enquiry form on the right hand side of this page.