ISDN Recording Studio

Are you looking for a local ISDN recording studio in North Wales to record locally based actors, presenters or voice over artists?

ISDN studio Wrexham

Our ISDN recording studio in Wrexham, North Wales enables you to record and direct voice over artists in real time over the ISDN digital network.
Integrated Systems Digital Network known as ISDN is a great way to record voice overs in complete confidence. Plus, if you’d like to also see the voice as you direct them, we can arrange a Skype HD webcam link up.

Over the years we’ve hosted some of the biggest names in TV, Radio, Film and Music.

So, if an artist is locally based, be it permanently, semi-permanently or just passing through. And you need a live link up to record them down the ISDN line, then don’t hesitate to drop us a line.