Recording a song in a studio

Looking for a unique special gift? Well, look no further. We offer the ultimate Singing Experience.

This a truly fantastic gift for all ages and abilities! Be it amateur or professional. Whether you’re recording a special song for Valentines Day, Mother’s DayFather’s Day, Birthday’s, Engagements or even Christmas.

Plus, if the singer in question doesn’t have the best voice in the world, don’t worry. We have our helpful audio programme “Auto-tune” which will correct any imperfections.

The day will be a recording studio experience to remember for all the right reasons.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Every effort will be made to produce a professional recording of your voice, but it’s important to say that this is a recording experience, and for that reason is mainly limited to one song only. This is because people have different abilities, so for your first visit, we feel more comfortable selling you the experience of recording one song.

Record a song

(Frequently Asked Questions)

Where do I record a song?

Here at our luxury studios in Wrexham, just outside Chester, we can record any song of your choice. From a classic Beatles song to something more up to date like Adele or Rihanna. We’re also the ideal location for that special day out or weekend away, as we’re very close to the historic city of Chester and Wrexham for shopping and local events.

What happens when I arrive to record a song?

You will be greeted and put at ease by our experienced team of producers. After some light refreshments we’ll discuss what you wish to record and find out more about you, your singing style and preferences.

How many songs can I record? And how many people can record a song?

For all first visits we only recommend one song to be recorded which takes around an hour with one/two singers only. However, you can record a song with other friends or relatives. We roughly estimate that it will take around 40 minutes to record a song, this allows for a thorough read through and any re-takes that may be required. However, we don’t always get the time to master your CD on the day, so may email or post the CD of the recording a few days later.

How much practice will I be given?

We always advise that you practice the song prior to your visit. However, we do allow for re-takes and can even record inserts in and around the song if you wish to give different parts of the song an entirely different vocal. Alternatively, we’re very happy to record the song in blocks.

What songs can I record?

We literally have millions of songs available to record. If we don’t have the song you would like to record, we’ll do our best to track it down for you. It’s very rare that we wouldn’t have your chosen song available. However, if the music is something you’ve recorded yourself, we would require the audio in .wav file format.

How many CD’s do I get on the day?

We provide just one CD with the recording and we can also email you a copy in MP3 format to add to your iPod.

Is there a minimum age requirement?

We normally accept children of all ages, but stress that they must be accompanied by a parent or guardian if they’re below the age of 16.

How is the song put together?

Once the recording of your voice is complete we then set about editing the track. Once edited, we mix down the singing voice and add any vocal enhancements like vocal tuner and reverb effects. The final recording is then mixed alongside the music, compressed and mastered onto CD.

Can I have any spectators watch me sing?

Of course, if you’re singing in our studio we can set things up so that your friends or family members can be present when we record your song.

Am I allowed to take any photo’s or film myself singing?

Yes, if you’d like a family member or a friend to take a photo of you in the studio, or film you singing this is completely fine. Alternatively, we would be very happy to take professional photos of you for a small additional fee.

And finally, how much does it cost?

A basic one hour recording at a convenient time to suit both parties will cost £65 which includes one of our producers recording your chosen song on the day. Please note, all gifts are available to redeem within six months of purchasing. If the gift is not redeemed within this time, then the voucher will be non-redeemable or refundable.

Got any more questions? Then why not call us, on 01978 755 708 or fill out the enquiry form on the right hand side of this page.