Voice-over masterclass

January 18th, 2013 by Peter Gallacher

Benefits of fresh talent casting

Although he is not a celebrity in the same genre as Brad Pitt or Robert De Niro.

We recently cast Classic FM presenter John Brunning on a new radio script for the prestige car manufacturer Range Rover.

In the past we have cast many voices for a variety of brands and products. However, what we often find difficult is choosing a voice that is not on every other advert that’s on-air.

radio voice-over-scripts

Choosing the right voice-over


What we mean by this is that radio producers, either through bad habits or lack of time tend to use the same bank of voice-overs. Meaning, many traditional radio stations will use the same voice-overs on most of their adverts.

Does this mean their adverts start to sound the same? – YES!

And why is this a bad thing? Because the listener subconsciously zones-out of the ads.

Don’t believe me? Next time you listen to a commercial radio station see if you can identify the same voice-over more than once in an ad break. And see if you can remember what any of the adverts were about.

The Casting Couch

When we recently cast a new voice for the Range Rover Evoque, we had to make sure the advert not only stood-out with creative script writing. But that we executed the brief by appealing to drivers who dreamed of owning a Range Rover and drivers who felt they couldn’t afford one.

After a sample day of various voices we made the choice to choose John. Not because he is a presenter on Classic FM but because his friendly and mature presenting style is easy-on-the-ear and friendly to listen too. Sounds simple doesn’t it? But a lot of voice-overs talk at you, not to you. There’s another thing to try and identify the next time you listen to radio ads. Is the voice-over talking at me or to me?

So there you have it…

The next time your production company insists on using the voice-over chap that’s on all the adverts everywhere.

Think again…

Happy listening.

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