Podcasts for business

A question I get asked an awful lot is… Are podcasts good for business? One of the easiest ways to grow and build your company is with a podcast. Well, I would say that wouldn’t I. Maybe I would, but I only like to give advice if I can back it up with real statistics […]

Voice-over masterclass

radio voice-over-scripts

Benefits of fresh talent casting Although he is not a celebrity in the same genre as Brad Pitt or Robert De Niro. We recently cast Classic FM presenter John Brunning on a new radio script for the prestige car manufacturer Range Rover. In the past we have cast many voices for a variety of brands and […]

Messages on hold

messages on hol

Messages on hold: The KEY to EXCELLENT customer service HOLD – A small yet powerful word. So let’s look at the evidence… “To hold” – This makes one think of holding close, as in wedding vows: “To have and to hold”. “Holding on” – I’ve got you; I’ll keep you safe, I’m holding on to […]

Hold music not working: The reasons why

Hold music

Hold music, no thanks! Not really the kind of title you would expect from a company that sells hold music and messages is it? Well, there’s a twist in my tail as it was recently reported in the daily mail that waiting in a call centre phone queue for more than five minutes is bad […]

Retail therapy: Atmosphere equals more Sales

When radio makes retail sense Did you know, RADIO makes people happy? It’s true. Retail therapy at it’s audible best, the research for the Radio Advertising Bureau found that radio listeners have higher levels of happiness and energy than consumers of any other form of media. For me, there’s nothing more boring than ambling around […]

How to make memorable radio

Memorable radio: Loudness Vs Memorable Have you ever watched a programme on the TV, or heard an advert in a shop radio and felt like reaching for the remote control to turn down the volume. Annoying isn’t it? This is mainly because the adverts have been mastered/recorded in a different way to the programme or […]