Social media podcast

Literally spreading the good word

We all know that social media is about engaging in conversation. So, what if we could literally engage in conversation with a social media podcast.  A social media podcast production

is very easy to put together, and if done right can help your company spread the good word and increase sales.

For instance, you could do a monthly or quarterly podcast, this could be included in your newsletter, if you have a press office you could extract soundbites for news stories. Plus, you could then link to it on your social platforms and even subscribe to podcast channels like iTunes for extra promotional activity.

Social media podcast

The great thing about subscribing to podcast channels is that it sends link backs to your website which are worth gold to your site’s rankings in the search engines.

What could the social media podcast be about?

Just like a good book you start off with the basic story line, so in this case who are the main people involved in your company or organisation? what are their roles? is there a key person who can talk in broad detail about the dynamics of the business and what the company does. Don’t worry though – from experience, we’ve always found that there’s nothing more interesting than people.
From Debbie in accounts who drives tanks for the TA at the weekend, to John the driver who’s a well travelled snowboarder and mountain climber, there’s always a great story to tell your audience that will help you engage with your listeners.

Can I make my own recordings?

If you don’t have access to a digital recorder and microphone, and let’s face it, if it’s not part of your job – who does? An alternative is to download a recording app on your smartphone or iPhone. One in particular is called iTalk, this app will enable you to record audio onto your phone which you can either edit yourself or email direct from the app to an audio production company like ourselves.
The beauty of doing something like this is it gives the podcast a REAL feel, capturing the ambiance of your workplace and people around you.

You can also have some great fun recording via your phone, as you can take it anywhere. It’s less conspicuous too – meaning people will feel less pressured talking into a phone, than they would speaking into a microphone.

What could I make a podcast about?

Pretty much anything, there’s loads you can talk about but listed below is a few ideas.

1. Awards you’ve won, people who’ve won them and what they do for the company.
2. Day in the life of the MD. (make an audio journal)
3. Hospitality day out, record everybody involved. (distribute to sponsors)
4. Creative discussions, how you design your products. (fly on the wall style)
5. Seasonal campaigns, talk about new product lines and services.
6. And much more…

What is the main benefit to having a social media podcast?

Without doubt it has to be the relationship your customers will start to develop with your business. For instance, they’ll understand more about your products and services. Something that often can’t be explained in a newsletter can be spoke about at length when making podcasts. They’ll also become more familiar with the voices and people who work in your company. The end result is more sales, better customer services and a real kinetic feeling for what your company represents.

For more details and advice about an audio production podcast or to take a listen to some samples, please don’t hesitate to check out our podcast services page on our website.

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