Retail atmosphere equals more sales

When radio makes retail sense

Did you know, RADIO makes people happy? It’s true. Retail therapy at it’s audible best, the research for the Radio Advertising Bureau found that radio listeners have higher levels of happiness and energy than consumers of any other form of media.

For me, there’s nothing more boring than ambling around a retail store with no atmosphere. I like to leave my troubles by the door and get lost in the browsing retail therapy – I don’t want to listen to the bickering of married couples or the tantrum throwing toddler.

However, I do like to be guided around the shop or store with some familiar music. Even better if the store tells me how to get 50% off today. Retail is the place that should put us in the mood to buy, not in a mood.

Many customers who walk into their local shop, department store or supermarket don’t often take a second glance at the opening times. And rightly so, busy lives!

What I’ve found though, is that hearing a message inside the store about late night Christmas opening times, where the toilets are located or even something more drastic like, “we close in 10 minutes” is a much more relaxed and reactive way of relaying your message to consumers.

So, how does store radio really help customers relax and put them in the mood to buy?

It’s a simple formula really, good music that targets a specific market sector. This puts the shopper at ease and hopefully in the mood to buy. The next step is to make sure that relevant announcements are relayed to the consumer.

So, how is in store audio different than traditional radio?

Firstly, playing music in shops is specific to the store it belongs to, the music played is matched to the customer that enters the shop, so if the average customer is 25 to 30 years of age the music will compliment their age profile. Also, because the store radio is specific to the store it’s adverts/announcements are all about the store. Genius!

Now, what I’ve noticed over the past few years is a lot of big brands moving away from basic store music and announcements and having their own virtual radio station. Music shops like HMV have done this for years, but only now have the bigger retailers started to jump in.

Retail therapy

So, what are the benefits to having your own virtual radio station?

Well, the instant benefit is that your store radio suddenly sounds fresh and up to date. There’s a presenter on the radio who just talks about your store and reads out messages from staff and customers making your in-store radio sound more interactive with its audience. Yes, just like a traditional radio station you suddenly have a real person presenting your station with news, weather updates and even special requests.

To sum up, do I think in store music services makes retail sense? I do, and without it I think we’d return back to a bygone era when the only thing that created an atmosphere was the shop’s sales assistant asking if they can help you every two minutes. Not good, quick exit please!

For more details and advice about store radio feel free to check out our store radio page on our website.

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