ADR Recording Studio

Are you looking for a local ADR recording studio in north Wales to record a locally based actor, presenter or voice over artist?

ADR better known as (Audio Dialogue Replacement) is a great way to get that perfect recording that for whatever reason wasn’t possible on set.

Our ADR recordings enable you to record and direct an artist in real time over the Source Connect digital network. This is done via a joint Pro Tools session with any studio across the globe.

Source Connect is a great way to record voice overs, actors and presenters in complete confidence and is now an industry standard within film and TV production.

Source Connect Pro Studio

Plus, if you’d also like to connect external partners associated with the film, but who will not be present at the studio. Then we can remotely connect them for seamless feedback anywhere in the world via Skype or Facetime directly into the session.

Over the years we’ve hosted some of the biggest names in TV and Film. The session includes film industry standard microphones like Sennheiser, Sanken, Rode and Neumann. With both visual and audio cuing for the talent to easily follow.

So, if an artist is locally based, for either a short or long-term basis. And, you need a live link to record them for ADR, then don’t hesitate to drop us a line.

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Or call: 01978 755 708

Control room

Seats up to four people comfortably with HD visual monitoring.

Recording specs

(Latest) Pro Tools | Mac Pro 3.7 GHz Quad-Core | 32GB RAM

Two voice over booths

Choice of large or small booth with HD visual monitoring.

Fully Ventilated

All studios include full heating and air conditioning


Beyerdynamic dt 150 headphones | Allen & Heath mixing console | Active Tannoy Reveal Speakers


We don't just stick your clients in the booth, we greet them with a warm smile, drinks and nibbles.


Full set of pre and post production plugins from Avid, Waves, Antares and many more.


A selection of microphones, from Neumann, Sennheiser and Rode.

Everything we do, we do with love, commitment and passion. The result is a production that meets all your expectations. But hopefully exceeds them.