On hold marketing

From a small home based business, to a multiple site location. 

On hold marketing messages
 are a creative way of placing your callers on hold.

Not only can you educate callers about your products and services, but your company will sound extremely professional when placing people on hold.

Our on hold systems are purpose built to commercially play messages all day long. Unlike a CD player, our on hold recording devices have no moving parts, so there’s less chance the on hold equipment will stop playing.

Done correctly, the music and messages should always sound clear and concise and reflect the way your business should sound on the telephone.

Informing customers about your services and conveying a relaxed and reassuring message, giving them peace of mind that each call is being dealt with in a professional manner.

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1 %
Of calls on hold

Today, nearly every call is placed on hold. Transferred or held in a queue. 

Seconds On Hold

The average caller is placed on hold for 38 seconds. This is longer than the average length of a TV or radio advert.

1 Mins
On hold a day

The average business executive spends 15 minutes a day on hold. 

  • Research statistics conducted by British Telecom, AT&T, USA Today, Voice Response and Marketing Weekly

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will it work on my telephone?

Most modern telephone systems have an external input port where you can connect either a “CD player” or “digital equipment” which if programmed to play external messages, will play messages when callers are on hold. That said, most new systems give you the option to upload various audio files for telephone messages.

Do you provide out of hours messages?

Yes, these messages can be factored into the package that you choose. They’re normally known as IVR messages, voice prompts or auto attendent messages. For most clients we record these messages at the same time, using the same voice over for your whole package.

Will we require equipment?

Not always, most modern telephone systems include the option to upload individual audio messages. However, if for whatever reason you require digital playback equipment we can factor this into your package.

If I have equipment, who will install it ?

Our digital playback equipment is plug and play, so no need do any programming. However, some telephone systems are not programmed to play external messages. But, it’s a simple procedure that either yourself or your engineer will be happy to programme on your behalf.

Can you install the equipment for us ?

Normally, we provide the equipment for your own telecomms engineer to install. This is mainly because the majority of businesses already have maintenance agreements with their telecomms supplier. Meaning, sending our own engineer could invalidate your contract with your telecomms provider. That said, we’re very happy to work side-by-side with your provider.

Can we choose our own voice and music?

Yes, indeed you can.

We have a selection of  voice overs, both male and female including copyright free music which means you won’t need to pay any extra fees for an additional PRS licence. If you’re interested we can send you a link to these samples.

Auto Attendent

Out of hours and answerphone messages
£ 75
  • Voice over
  • Non PRS music
  • Script writing
  • Digital upload
  • No contract

Yearly Updates

14 messages, voice over and music
£ 25
Per Month
  • Voice over
  • Non PRS music
  • Script writing
  • Digital equipment
  • 12 mth contract

One-Off Production

14 messages, voice over and music
£ 255
  • Voice over
  • Non PRS music
  • Script writing
  • Digital upload
  • No contract

Everything we do, we do with love, commitment and passion. The result is a production that meets all your expectations. But hopefully exceeds them.