Music on hold

Music on hold is a great way of keeping your callers attention when you need to either transfer their call or just place them on hold.

Hold music also conveys a professional image to callers holding the line and keeps a professional link with your organisation.

If callers are placed on hold and hear either silence or tones, they’re more likely to hang up after a shorter duration.

Music on hold is basically that, listening to a piece of music whenever you’re placed on hold.
But it’s surprising how many organisations, both large and small get the music wrong, it’s either too fast, too loud, too annoying and just not suitable at all.

Done correctly, the music should be relaxing, not too loud and quite comforting. What should be an easy procedure can end up causing many organisations a minor headache, mainly because they get it wrong, play their own music, play it too loud and leave people on hold for far too long.

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Why should I use Music on hold?

Research shows that callers listening to either music or messages on-hold feel much more comfortable than listening to silence (where they think they’ve been cut off) or high pitched tones.

This is mainly because callers feel there is still a professional communication with the organisation they’re calling.

How will the music work on my phone?

Most modern telephone systems have an external input port where you can connect either a “CD player” or “digital equipment” which will play music whenever a call is placed on hold. Some newer systems even have the opportunity to upload the music to the actual telephone switch. So there’s a couple of options to consider.

Where can I preview the hold music?

Yes, listed below is a sample of some of the music that we provide for music on hold. Feel free to preview the music below. The tracks on this page have been carefully selected from a broad range of music genres to offer you a good selection of styles and tempos. It’s also worth mentioning that the music is copyright free hold music, meaning you’ll be excempt from any additional PRS fees.

do you provide the equipment?

Our on hold systems are purpose built to commercially play music all day long. Unlike a CD player our digital equipment has no moving parts so will never stop playing. Plus, if you have a power failure the digital equipment starts playing as soon as power is returned – something CD players will not do.
Alternatively, if you already have a CD player we can supply the audio on a CD or in any audio file format you require.

Everything we do, we do with love, commitment and passion. The result is a production that meets all your expectations. But hopefully exceeds them.