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Whether your business is large or small, at some point you’ll place people on hold. Not because you want to, but because you either need to grab a file, transfer them to another phone or just look for paperwork.

The time the individual is placed on hold is usually very short, anything from 30 seconds to one minute.

However, research shows that callers listening to either music or messages on hold feel much more comfortable than listening to silence (where they think they’ve been cut off) or high pitched tones.
This is mainly because callers feel there is a professional communication with them whilst their call is being processed. Using on hold messages interspersed with light calming music keeps your callers entertained with good humor, interesting trivia and marketing information about your business. 

Some of our valuable customers…

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How will the on hold messages work on my phone?

If you have a telephone system, most modern telephone systems have an external feature where you can connect either a “CD player” or “digital equipment” which will play messages whenever a call is placed on hold.

These messages play on a continuous loop enabling callers to hear all your different messages at different time periods of the day.

On hold systemsWhat equipment is available?

Our on hold equipment is purpose built to commercially play messages all day long. Unlike a CD player our digital equipment has no moving parts so is less likely to stop playing.

Plus, if you have a power failure the digital equipment starts playing as soon as the power is returned – something CD players will not do. Alternatively, if you already have a CD player we can supply the audio on a CD or in any audio file format.

Telephone engineerCan you install the equipment for us?

The equipment is plug and play, so we normally just provide the equipment, if your telephone system is not programmed to play external messages. Then we advise that your own telecomms engineer programmes it, this is so you don’t invalidate your contract with your supplier.

That said, we’re very happy to work side-by-side with your provider.

Voice and music selectorChoose a voice over and music

Take a listen to a sample of our voices and music, by clicking on the image opposite, which will take you to our voice and music selector.

The voice and music selector is a great way to choose a specific piece of music and voice over that you would associate with your business.

Plus, it’s a great way of sampling the quality of our work.

Available options

The two packages below include script writing, up to 14 professionally recorded messages with voice over and music licensing.

Regular production updates (Provided with or without equipment)1
Ideal if you wish to promote special offers, events and other annual promotions.
This can be done on a monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly or annual basis.
Productions can be either emailed or posted out.

2One-off single production (Provided with equipment or just on CD)
This is a one-off single production, ideal if you don’t wish to regularly promote things.
We can either provide the audio with equipment, on a CD or send via email.
This package is a one-time purchase.

A bit about quality…

100% Excellent ServiceOver the years we have spent a lot of time making sure the quality of our service and sound of the production is 100%. One of the main things we pride ourselves on, is the quality.

So, after spending considerable time and money making sure the end result sounds as good as you look. We are happy to disclose that unlike some of our competitors, your production will not sound muffled, hard to understand or even too loud.

Meaning, the diction is clear and the production sounds very professional.