Podcast production

If you’re looking for a creative way to publicise your company or organisation, then a podcast production could be a great way of promoting your products and services.

If done regularly a podcast could gain many subscribers who either wish to purchase your products based on the information within your podcast, or find out about your new services.

It’s fair to say that the world of podcasting is no longer a niche platform, there’s more and more people listening to podcasts than ever before.
And thanks to podcast revenue channels like
ACAST and Patreon the whole industry is now becoming a profitable format for the many, not just the few.

Worldwide, there’s over 500,000 podcasts and over 18 million episodes and this is a figure that is rising day-by-day.

Listed below is some of the frequently asked questions people have when creating a podcast with an independent producer like ourselves.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why would I want a podcast production?

If you send out regular newsletters, have new products to promote or just want to relay vital information about your organisation. A podcast production is a great way of speaking to your audience on a very personal level. Podcasting is also a great opportunity to sit down and work through how you  hope to help customers both old and new. 

What is the main benefit ?

A podcast can be entertaining, informative but above all very useful, as you can explain things far easier than you can with text.

Plus, if you choose to speak on the podcast yourself, your subscribers will build a fond relationship with you as the presenter.

Do I need to travel to your studio?

With today’s technology it’s very easy to conduct a recording digitally over IP or a normal telephone line. Alternatively, we would be very happy for you and a small team to visit our studios and record a batch of podcasts that we can group together for a number of annual releases. Also, with the recent pandemic, we can also link in recordings from your home or workplace.

Who presents the podcast production?

The podcast can be presented by either yourself, a nominated speaker. Or, one of our journalist’s who has a unique interest in your subject. This can then be recorded in a professional Q&A style format similar to a BBC radio programme. Alternatively, you could just pick a voice-over to read introductions and end credits only.


We have a professional recording studio with an independent (sound proofed) voice-over booth.

Our studio also includes ISDNSkypeSource Connect Pro and a Telephone Patch for recording voice overs and actors at other locations across the globe.

How many guests can I have?

We can accommodate up to two guests in our studio, so three including yourself as the host. But a good ratio is one guest per podcast.

That said, we can arrange to have individual guests dial into our studio on FaceTime, Zoom or a landline to answer your questions.


We can either charge you our hourly rate until the job is finished. Or, we can agree a set price based on your budget. It’s entirely up to you.

Everything we do, we do with love, commitment and passion. The result is a production that meets all your expectations. But hopefully exceeds them.